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XStellar, a very trusted token market on stellar blockchain.
Trader over 100+ cryptocurrencies issued by XStellar, we promise to buy tokens from each holder only if prices are same as coinmarketcap values.
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Who we are?
About XStellar
XStellar was created by individuals, not a company. We want to create a suitable and secure environment for stellar users to be able to trade among the most popular crypto currencies.
  • Join 10.000+ users buying and selling all cryptocurrencies issued by XStellar at true cost!
  • Be part of one of the largets blockchain existent, which is currently in top 30 coinmarkercap!
  • To help the growth of XStellar platform we send each week airdrops to our holders. Look for claimable balances from XStellar.com
Best Features
Find the Best Price
XStellar uses Horizon to find you the best rates for a trade based on available liquidity.
Fast and Low Cost
XStellar leverages the power of Stellar, making the network’s built-in scalability and low fees accessible to everyone.
Safe & Secure
XStellar is safe and secure, we use the latest technologies to protect users, to protect tokens issued by XStellar.
No trading bots
We can completely eliminate trading bots on tokens issued by us. We can also block users trying to dump the price of coins.
Weekly airdrops
We try as much as possible to please the people who buy and trade our tokens. So we send airdrops with tokens weekly.
Support for wallets/exchanges
Our tokens are supported by popular Stellar wallets, such as: lobstr, freighter, albedo, rabet.. and exchanges: Stellarport, Stellarterm, StellarX ,lumesswap..
The Timeline
In this section you can follow the development of the platform as well as the launch of tokens.
Mobile App
Store the tokens in one of the best mobile apps existent on stellar.
  • Manage your funds anytime and anywhere with our great mobile and web apps. Track prices and stay up to date with markets.
  • For every $100 USD you send… Lobstr takes seconds, $0 in fees.
  • LOBSTR provides highly secure storage for your Lumens and other digital assets, offering 2FA and multisig protection.
  • Nice design, simple interface, clear instructions and helpful tips. LOBSTR is an easy way to get started with crypto.